Rondriso Farm

Although the Tamis family has been farming in Surrey since 1958, Rondriso Farm got its start in 2001 with 11 cows, 1000 bales of hay, and Ron as the head farmer. Since then the farm has expanded to include a pumpkin patch and an ever-growing variety of vegetables. Having worked previously for another farm in Surrey, Ron made the switch to a full-time self-employed farmer in 2008, the same year he began selling at the Surrey Urban Farmers Market.

In addition to selling at farmers markets and their on-site farm store, Rondriso Farms also runs a successful Farm Fresh Box Program that supplies a box of fresh veggies and fruit each week for 12 weeks during the summer. In Ron’s words, “The quality of the food is what blew people away. The taste of the food.” Having started with 28 boxes in its first year, Rondriso Farm is now packing over 80 boxes every Thursday morning.

August 20 2015

So where does the name Rondriso come from? It’s a combination of Ron + Adrian + Sophie, connecting the current farming generation with the previous one. Ron came up with the name in college when working on an enterprise project and it fits the family farm well.

Rondriso Farm—including their store and farmers’ markets—is run with minimal staff because Ron firmly believes that “when you’re doing these farmers’ markets you’re supposed to be presenting yourself. People want to come meet the farmer.” Therefore you are welcome to meet Ron and Pam Tamis every Wednesday at the Surrey Urban Farmers Market. In addition to SUFM, Rondriso also sells at the Trout Lake Farmers’ Market and the Nat Bailey Winter Market.