Ron and Pam Tamis

RPTRon and Pam Tamis are the driving force behind Surrey’s Rondriso Farm. The Tamis family has been farming in Surrey since 1958, with Ron being raised on the family dairy. Ron was approached in the founding days of the Surrey Urban Farmers Market to be one of the farming vendors, joining the market in 2008 and the Board of Directors in 2009. He has remained a Director since then, wanting to work alongside people with similar ideologies and valuing the security of being involved and knowing what’s going on at the market. When asked why he sells at the Surrey Urban Farmers Market, he spoke firmly and simply: “Because I am a Surrey farm. This is where I started. I am very, very, very loyal to Surrey.” Ron also holds a position on the board of the BC Association of Farmers Markets, seeing the importance of local agriculture and farmers on a wider level.

Before she met Ron, Pam was a Child and Youth Therapist, specializing in Trauma Counselling. She got into Counselling because she loved working with children and helping people. Married to Ron in 2003, Pam can often be found running their on-site farm store, managing their farmers’ market stall, and being Mom to their three young sons. When asked about her family farm, Pam said, “I love the lifestyle that is involved in farming because it allows us to have the whole family involved in something.” Pam joined the Surrey Urban Farmers Market board in 2011 because, “I believe strongly in this market and I wanted to see it grow.”