Michael and Linda Steele

Agricultural land in Surrey (and all of BC) is constantly under development pressure.  It is vital to the long term sustainability of agriculture and food security that agricultural land be preserved and that policies that support small farms be adopted by local and provincial governments.


We (my wife and I) originally began farming organically because we wanted to be assured that the food we were feeding our three growing boys was as clean and nutritious as possible.  This led to the formation of an organic certifying body with other farms in Surrey.  We joined the SUFM in its first year to take care of our excess produce, to share our passion for organic growing and to help with community building in Whalley.  We also enjoyed sharing our experiences with new farmers and helping them become established and profitable.

I joined the board since deciding that, after we sold the farm, I would have some time to help the SUFM grow and become a “go-to market” in the community.