Kiran Virk

VK Fruit Farms is successfully run by the Virk family, made up of Kiran Virk, her husband Parmjit Singh Virk, and their two sons Sahaj and Bibek. Kiran’s family has a history of farming in India, and when she came to Canada over 20 years ago she gained much experience as a berry picker. Along with her love for being in nature and working with plants, she felt that it would be good to be farmer and start a farm: “That’s my passion. I can’t live without farm.” Parmjit is the owner/operator of S & B Landscaping and Fencing , also working outdoors and contributing significantly to the running of VK Fruit Farms.

Kiran shows care and thoughtfulness towards her farm, her family, and her workers. She works hard both on the farm and off the farm at the Surrey Urban Farmers Market. She enjoys working the market because she gets to meet different people and hear their different questions. On market days, teenagers Sahaj or Bibek can be trusted to ensure the farm work runs smoothly. The previous generation also contributes to the farm, with Kiran’s mother running the on-site fruit stand, and Parmjit’s father Harvaksh helping with administration.