Doug Oliver

_DSC4498Doug Oliver was the Surrey Urban Farmers Market’s main traffic control person for several years. He was grumbly, sassy, and had a decided opinion on a number of things. He also had a great sense of humour and could successfully get vendors loaded in and out of the market with a characteristic joke or two that made the traffic experience somewhat less harrowing. He was always wearing a baseball cap, but would wear his orange traffic vest only when he felt like it. The usual greeting from him was, “Hey, you!” and if you wanted to sass him back it was best to call him “Mr Oliver”. You could count on him to laugh with you, or at you, and also to gripe about the people he just could not get along with. He liked the market food, complaining about the music, and napping in the sun in any of the available chairs. He had a big heart, friendly banter, and no marbles to speak of.

June 30 1954 – March 31 2015

Doug, we miss you. The market is not the same without you.