Barnston Island Vegetables

Barnston Island Vegetables is a 4 acre farm located on Barnston Island within sight of the Fraser River and run by Laurie Stack. Located on ALR land and fed by well-water, this farm produces a variety of crops such as corn, pickling cukes, jalapenos, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, basil and garlic. When asked how she decides which crops to grow, Laurie laughed and said, “I grow things that I eat. I’m not a parsnips person, so I don’t grow parsnips.” Barnston Island Vegetables is a non-certified organic farm, meaning Laurie has decided to farm using organic methods but is currently not certified. Produce from Barnston Island Vegetables is available at the Surrey Urban Farmers Market, the Fort Langley Village Farmers’ Market, and at Laurie’s on-site farm stand.