Amber Cowie

AmberAmber loves local food, whether it’s grown in her garden, purchased from a nearby farmers’ market or harvested directly from a neighbouring farm. Food is the foundation of her personal and professional life; she believes that it’s a uniting force between friends and family and a driving force that can change the way we think about land use, community planning and health in society as a whole. Amber has worked with ranchers, farmers, funders, donors, foodies and many others in numerous other positions, notably as a report writer for the David Suzuki Foundation, the executive director of the Grasslands Conservation Council of BC and the program manager for Ontario Nature. She holds a BA in Environmental History from the University of Victoria. She is currently the Manager of Partnership and Development for FarmFolk CityFolk and works as the Farm to School Animator for Farm to School Greater Vancouver.

Between juggling the demands of her daughter Eve, her work at FarmFolk CityFolk and her connections with Farm to School Greater Vancouver to help the Vancouver School Board (VSB) purchase more local food, she loves cooking, gardening and preserving—and of course, hanging out with her amazing husband, Ben.